Your questions answered by your peers

Join us as we round off our first week with a live client panel discussion. Hear perspectives and insights from our Client Advisory Board.

Hear from Kalibrate’s Client Advisory Board members from Galp, Wawa, and Certas as they share perspectives from their regions. We discuss the new consumer behavior patterns that have emerged as a result of COVID-19, and we consider their lasting impact. We also get our panel’s views on:

  • How will the pandemic impact your adoption of alternative fuel provision?
  • What data points have you found most useful over the last four months?
  • Are there any new data points you have identified that would be useful going forward?
  • How are you evolving your site planning processes to allow for the impact on your network of COVID-19 in the medium-term?


  • How do you think the pandemic will impact the acquisition and consolidation we were seeing?


  • How do you think COVID-19 will impact the mix of unmanned sites within your networks?

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Your questions answered by Kalibrate

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  • “Many thanks to the Kalibrate team for delivering a well-organized slate of relevant, interesting content virtually. Kalibrate is truly dedicated to helping its clients succeed in a challenging retail environment.”
    Vince Cipollone, WAWA / Client Advisory Board Member
  • “In such a difficult time due to the pandemic it is a great feeling to have Kalibrate not only as a supplier but also as a business partner giving us their sight and their support on such hot topics as pricing strategies, tactics, evolution, retail, dealers, etc. …. Definitely looking forward for next year’s event hopefully in person.”
  • “The sessions were very much concise and informative, not to mention the live Q&A. The virtual experience has outweighed my expectations especially on the product demo.”